Your Ultimate Racing Experience

What is Monster Grip?

This is our solution for your grip related issues. A carefuly selected set of special items that will help you during tough obstacle races.

Monster Grip Set

Each piece of equipment was carefuly tested to select best possible solution for every possible situation.

Get a grip! With this gloves there will be no burpees ever again! Extreme adhesion to wood and metal. Ultimate help with technical obstacles. Take a look at our live test in video section and see for yourself!

You think that liquid chalk is something obvious? Not this time! This patent pending formula was created for military purposes to keep soldier’s hand dry during combat. Slightly altered to suit sport requirements will keep your hand dry while swinging to the finish line. And it smells really nice!

Super expansible “python” type running belt – it’s light, durable and you can pack it full with necessary items.

Have you ever felt tired of scratched arms while crawling under barbed wires? This will help you. Strong fabric will protect your arms from the dirt. Supporting silicone band will keep it in place even in muddy areas. And your biceps will look bigger!

Black multifunctional technical bandana. Keep it on your neck in winter or use as sun protector in summer. Will come handy in every weather conditions. Besides it just looks great!

The Bag. Just put all your stuff in there and you are ready to go. OCR&Go!

How to order?

If you are interested in some of our products, feel free to contact us via our FB profile OCR & Go – Grip Enhancers. Or you can just use our contact form.