We are athletes, not salesmen!

We are OCR athletes, combining passion and sport into unique mix that gives us power to cross our borders.

We spent countless hours during races and training to select perfect set of „must have” gear that will be extremely useful during every competition.

We combine two different ways of experiencing OCR events:

Robert is entitled champion, one of the first OCR athletes racing in Poland. Winner of many obstacle courses in Poland and two-time European OCR Champion at a distance of 15km in Cat. 25-29.

Lucas is more of a „casual” racer, trying to cross his limits with obstacles.

The key was to find a way to improve each of them while not limiting any. And we made it!


We are doing our best to support fellow athletes by enriching their racing experience.

If You like our products, please share with us in what way it helped You to achieve your goal.

We listen

Your opinion is most important for us.

While we are doing our best to test our equipment, we are not able to test it in every possible situation. 

If You have any doubts, if You think that something was wrong -do not hestitate to tell us. We are more than happy to listen what You have to tell.

Email us!